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מערכת משקל נטסקייל Netscale עם הצגת שקילת שמן זית על גבי מסך

Israel's leading company in advanced weighing solutions for retail and trade

לוגו בולט טכנולוגיות בעמ Bolet


משקל נטסקייל Netscale



Bolet offers a line of breakthrough game-changing products, with cutting-edge PC-based systems aimed at increasing the profitability of your business.

Come discover a new world of technology, design, work capabilities, user interface and management software for a range of uses.



The most successful and reliable series of weighing product brands in Israel.

A sophisticated range of scales for intensive work and for many years of reliability.

מאזני קונקורד CONCORD
גליליי מדבקות RG1109 למשקל נטסקייל

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Rolls for Netscales : Linerless and paper

Diverse of Netscale weighing scales

Bolet Technologies has been Israel's leading developer, manufacturer and distributor of weighing systems and electronic scales for over 45 years, with a wide range of retail and industrial systems and products

The company offers comprehensive data collection solutions with its line of scales and provides nationwide service by a team of expert technicians.  Bolet carries ISO 9001 certification and is certified by the Ministry of .Economy Weights and Measurements Department as an approved balance repair and testing laboratory

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Israeli manufacture and development

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Repair and Calibration of Scales

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Team of expert technicians and nationwide support

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Over 45 years experience

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