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מערכת משקל נטסקייל Netscale



A range of PC-based systems with industrial touch screens and different sized displays for the operator and the customer. A modular printer for vigorous operation with paper tape or various types of customized labels. Option of a special mechanism that increase your savings and reduce your expenses in raw materials annually. Software to manage and control the different systems.

מאזני קונקורד Concord



A series of products for use with labels or paper tape printer.

Many interface options, language support, operation in groups, printing a range of data, including ingredients and nutritional value, etc.

We have an inventory of reconditioned scales.

מוצרים נלווים
גליליי מדבקות RG1109 למשקל נטסקייל

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Rolls for Netscales : Linerless and paper

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