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Bolet Ltd. imported the first electronic scales to Israel in the 1970s and has played a major role in the revolutionary transition from mechanical to electronic scales.

Bolet Industries (1984) Ltd. was founded in the 1980s out of the desire to develop the industry in Israel and provide a full and quick solution for the Israeli customer. Since then, Bolet Industries has developed dozens of different products and installed them in thousands of businesses in Israel.

Bolet Technologies Ltd. was establish to supply a full solution to control the retail floor with weighing systems. 


לוגו בולט טכנולוגיות בעמ Bolet

The company specializes in developing, manufacturing and distributing electronic weighing and production floor data collection systems.


Bolet Industries provides comprehensive weighing solutions and electronic weighing systems for the retail market and industry.

? Why our customers choose to work with us

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Tailoring to Customer Needs

Bolet has been guiding its customers for over 45 years, is attentive to their needs when developing its new products and provides the technical support they need anywhere and anytime.

Development and Manufacturing Ability

Bolet develops and manufactures its own products and can, therefore, ensure world-class standards in all aspects of the product, from the quality of the package to the quality of the software.

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Experience and Quality

Over 45 years of experience and leading the scales market in Israel.

Nationwide Service and Technical Support Systems

Bolet offers nationwide sales and customer support. The company has a lineup of skilled technicians available to our customers throughout Israel. The lineup includes hardware and software support. Thanks to ample manufacturing capabilities, Bolet has a large inventory of spare parts for the products that it sells, ensuring that the parts are original.

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Our customers include the most prominent companies in various fields in Israel, such as food chains, Israel Post, Israel Airports Authority, Tnuva, pharmaceutical and chemical factories, etc.

The company's products comply with all global standards, including ISO 9001 and Ministry of Economy standards.

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